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We perceived that nowadays there is an urgent need – people need to stop and take time to nurture, to fuel themselves to be able to lead their lives and relationships to a new quality level. This modern world is crying out for a change in our perspective and lifestyle, where both body and soul can be seen and nourished, and we can become complete human beings in body, mind and spirit.
One Love Institute is dedicated to develop methods of personal development to support and inspire people in their process of awakening their true potential.

We believe that our purpose in life is to bring awareness and relaxation as a response to the pressure and conditioning that we are exposed to in everyday life, giving space for our real Being to unfold and reveal our potential and purpose.

Next Events

Daughters of the Moon

December 20, Sintra

Daughters of the Moon is a precious and sacred space that combines the delicacy of Women's Circles with the strength and magic of Ecstatic Shakti Dance. It's a journey for mystical women...                    

Tantra Flow

December 14, Sintra

TANTRA FLOW is an experience based on the teachings of Tantra that invites us to live our full energy and potential, saying a big yes to life and integrating all aspects of our Being.                                               

Ecstantric Dance

To be announced

ECSTANTRIC DANCE is a fusion between these two magical and transformative universes that are Tantra and Ecstatic Dance.                                                                                                                                                         

Personal Growth and Expansion of Consciousness

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Through our courses we offer inspiring experiences of personal, spiritual, and social growth that open the door to a real transformation in our lives.

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