Live Your True
Potential e Purpose

Through our workshops and events we offer inspiring experiences of personal, spiritual, and social transformation that open the door to a real transformation in our lives.

In our events, we share our experience and our passion for meditation and personal development, providing people with resources that enhance their quality of life and their sense of well-being, allowing them to become complete and fulfilled individuals.
Learn more about our workshops & experiences below.

Discover our Workshops and Experiences:

Tantra Flow

Workshops & Retreats

TANTRA FLOW is an experience based on the teachings of Tantra that invites us to live our full energy and potential, saying a big yes to life and integrating all aspects of our Being.

Daughters of the Moon

Workshops & Retreats

Daughters of the Moon is a precious and sacred space that combines the delicacy of Women's Circles with the strength and magic of Ecstatic Shakti Dance. It's a journey for mystical women...

Path of Tantra

Workshops & Retreats

An invitation to gently allow our body to open, for our energy to pulse feeling our personal strength and power, and for the heart to blossom, gently inviting transformation and healing into our lives. 

The Mystical Woman's Journey

One to One

THE JOURNEY OF THE MYSTIC WOMAN is a journey for women who want to become intimate with their inner universe, and thus co-create their life from the deepest calling of their heart.

Yoga Dance

Classes & Retreats

YOGA DANCE is a method that combines the vast world of yoga with the creative and expansive universe of dance and music.

Chakra Wave


CHAKRA WAVE is an experience where, through active and passive meditations and body awareness dynamics, we take a journey through the chakra system within our body.