Awaken your body. Unleash your energy. Transform your life.

June 1st, Cascais



June 1st


10am - 6pm

1 day experience

Unlock the transformative power within you and embark on a journey of self-discovery and intimacy.

This dynamic workshop invites us to experience the free flow of energy within, allowing our energy to flow from our root center and to be expanded and integrated into the heart center. This integration of strength and wildness of the root chakra with softness and acceptance of the heart center, allows for an alchemy of the masculine and feminine energies within us.

In doing so, we embrace the energies of heaven and earth within ourselves, unlocking the gateway to the boundless abundance that life has to offer and initiating a profound journey that aligns us with the vastness of the Universe.

From this place of connection, a deep and intimate meeting between two beings becomes possible: beyond masks and protections, that transforms, liberates, and heals.

Join us in this exploration and let us collectively open ourselves to the infinite possibilities that await on this journey together.


The Path of Tantra retreat invites you to liberate your vital energy, allowing it to flow effortlessly from your core, embracing the union of the sex center and the heart chakra. This integration gives us the chance to open to a flow of love and abundance that transforms our lives, creating the possibility of living our full potential as human beings.

When we identify with our mind and prevent ourselves to fully experience the body, this natural flow of energy and vitality becomes obstructed. Sometimes, we find ourselves trapped in a web of preconceived notions and expectations regarding intimate connections, which prevents us from being fully present in the moment and attuned to the flow of energy.

Tantra views our bodies as sacred temples and extends an invitation to reclaim our innate ability to feel our bodies fully, while releasing beliefs, taboos, and expectations.

This is exactly why Path of Tantra transcends mere sexuality, encompassing the activation and embodiment of our life force, our intrinsic power — essentially, the ability to authentically embody our true selves and fulfill our purpose on this planet.

From this space of profound presence and vitality, we forge a deeper intimacy with ourselves. Path of Tantra encourages us to trust in the wisdom and natural rhythm of the body – a rhythm that harmonizes and integrates feminine and masculine energies within, personal power and lovingness, sexuality and the heart. 

It is within this sacred equilibrium that genuine connections with others flourish — authentic encounters that possess the power to transform, integrate, and heal on profound levels.

Path of Tantra is an experiential school of the Tantra path.

An invitation to gently connect with our body, allowing our energy to flow freely, reclaiming our inner strength and vitality, while nurturing the blossoming of our heart. In this gentle embrace, transformation and healing find their way into our lives effortlessly.

The 8 Pillars of Path of Tantra 

At the heart of the Path of Tantra lies meditation, the bedrock of our transformative journey. Through diverse practices like breathwork, movement, and conscious touch, we create a sanctuary of presence and love, enabling profound exploration and acceptance.


Tantra sees the body as our sacred temple.
In our Path of Tantra retreats, you'll discover how to honor your body, nurturing it with love and respect. Embracing your body as an anchor, you'll learn to inhabit the present moment fully, unlocking its transformative potential.

with the Body

Our energy is flowing through a system of chakras in our body. In the Path of Tantra, you'll delve into this ancient wisdom, gaining insights into each chakra's essence and activation. Whether solo or with a partner, you'll experience the profound journey of channeling sexual energy to the heart center, unlocking its transformative potential.


Tantra dismantles societal taboos surrounding sexual energy, recognizing it as a potent life force that permeates every facet of our existence. Path of Tantra extends an invitation to reclaim our vitality and personal power, embodying them fully in our lives.

Vital Energy

Path of Tantra invites us to merge our sexual energy with the boundless compassion and acceptance of the heart. Through this integration, we cultivate a healing space where the synergy of these forces fosters growth and transformation in our sexuality and all aspects of our lives and relationships.

Sexual Energy &
Heart Energy

In our quest for a partner, we often seek qualities we perceive as lacking within ourselves. Through the Path of Tantra, we embark on a journey to explore and embrace our feminine and masculine energies. Here, we gain the tools to recognize, express, and harmonize these aspects, fostering a sense of completeness and balance within ourselves.

Masculine & 
Feminine Energy

As we integrate our sexual energy with the heart space, a natural sensitivity blossoms within us, heightening our awareness of our emotions. Through the Path of Tantra, we provide invaluable insights to navigate our emotions with maturity and consciousness, enriching our relationships with deeper intimacy and connection.


As we cultivate intimacy with another, we mirror the depth of our intimacy with ourselves. Path of Tantra offers a profound exploration of self, delving into our body, energy, sexuality, sensuality, heart space, and emotions. Through this introspective journey, we forge a deeper connection with ourselves, enabling authentic and intimate connections with others.


Some love from our students

“Such a beautifully workshop. I felt loved and honoured throughout. What seperates this work apart is that it leads you on a journey without even knowing it. From beginning to end, it was like one big meditation. As it should be, with support, guidance and respect for boundaries.”

Alexander Cottle

“It is always an honor to be part of this tribe and receive such care in such a delicate area through this precious safe space. I feel an immense gratitude, and I wish they keep on spreading awareness and self-knowledge more and more in this world.”

Prem Santoshi

“I have been involved in the world of tantra for over 40 years and I can honestly say Akshi led with as much skill, humility and beauty as I've encountered in all that time. A pleasure and a privilege to participate in his workshop.”

Luke Lucas

An experiential school of the Tantra path.
 Morning • Body & Energy
Active Meditation
The body as a doorway to the present moment

The Alchemy of the heart
Connection with the love and relaxation of this dimension

Expanding feeling and Moving energy
Activating the Chakras to expand vital energy
Afternoon • Connection, Intimacy & Integration
Tantric Meditation
Exploring intimacy with oneself and with the other

The Flow of Sexual Energy to the Heart
Integrating feminine and masculine energies within us

Sharing and Closing Circle
A moment of sharing and reflection to integrate the day's experiences

Facilitated by Akshi, Founder of One Love

Akshi is a therapist, facilitator, and purpose-driven event producer, guided by a profound passion for touching people's hearts and souls through unique experiences that encourage healing, deep self-exploration and spiritual awakening.

Akshi's personal journey has led him to study and train with renowned teachers and healers worldwide. He has immersed himself and studied meditation, Tantra, Energy Healing, Body Therapy (including Ayurvedic Massage and Conscious Touch), acquiring a wealth of knowledge and experience.

Akshi has been facilitating Tantra workshops and retreats worldwide over the past decade. His purpose is to create a safe space of acceptance, love, and support, where all our human aspects can be expressed, welcomed, and integrated. Based on meditation, his workshops convey the beauty of being in the present moment and create an environment for full expression of our potential and energetic state of bliss, wonder, and total recognition of Spirit.

As a co-founder of the One Love Institute, Akshi is deeply committed to inspiring and empowering individuals on their path to rediscovering their true essence and unlocking their full potential. He also plays a key role in Path of Love, an international transformative process that has touched and transformed lives across the globe.

Workshop in Germany

Workshop in Brazil

Workshop in Brazil

JUNE 1st

from 10am to 6pm
MUJO, Cascais

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JUNE 1st
MUJO, Cascais
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