One Love Institute

One Love Institute was born out of the willing to share the beauty of Being in the present moment.
The beauty of relaxing from all external pressures and constraints and simply give space for our real Being to reveal itself and be manifested in all our potential, oneness and beauty.
By attaining this, we become complete human beings, nourished in all aspects, physical, emotional and spiritual.

Our History

We devote our lives to self-knowledge and personal development. We are passionate about exploring the universe within ourselves and transforming every aspect of our being.

In our personal search, we traveled the world and were gifted with incredible encounters, inspiring teachers and spiritual masters, and delved into deep processes and experiences that have led us to a major transformation in our perspective and lifestyle.

This pursuit has presented us with a new world, with more love, more totality, more truth, more respect and acceptance for what we are and what each person is.

We believe that our purpose in life is to bring awareness and relaxation as an answer to the pressure and conditioning that we are exposed in everyday life, and to give space for our real Being to unfold and reveal our potential and purpose.

Today, we dedicate our lives to search and develop methods and processes of personal development to support and inspire people in their own process of growth as individuals.

Based on meditation, we convey the beauty of being in the present moment, and with simplicity and gentleness create a space for our real Being and higher potential to be awakened and shared with the world.

Our Vision

We feel the urgent need of people to stop, to take time to nurture, to fuel themselves, and thus guide their lives and relationships to a new quality level. The modern world is asking for a change in our perspective and lifestyle, where both body and soul can be seen and nourished, and we can become complete human beings in body, mind and spirit.

We believe that the world needs this renewal, a balance between the tasks and duties of everyday life and simply Being and Relaxing in our essence.

And from this new level of presence and awareness we can create the life we dream to live.

Once we open ourselves to our real Being, we get surprised by the beauty our life reveals.

We become capable to relate to ourselves and to others more deeply, with more love, presence, and truth. And from this state of presence and love we can share our real Being with the world and with the people around us and bring to our world more joy, love, respect and peace.

Our Mission

Our purpose is to create through our events and seminars a safe space of acceptance, love and support, where all aspects of the human being can be expressed, welcomed and integrated, and our highest human potential can be realized.
We believe in a transformation of consciousness that starts within ourselves, and grows and extends to other people, to relationships, to society, to the world we live in.

We work for the creation of a more conscious and humane society, for the rescue of our true essence, and for this we offer tools and support to people so that they can nourish themselves at all levels – physical, energetic, mental and emotional, thus bringing to the world more awareness, more love and kindness.

Personal Growth and Expansion of Consciousness

Discover our Transformative Courses

Through our courses we offer inspiring experiences of personal, spiritual, and social growth that open the door to a real transformation in our lives.