The Awakening Of Your Energy

Chakra Wave is an experience where, through active and passive meditations and dynamics on body consciousness, we will make a journey through the system of chakras within the energetic body.

The term chakra, according to the philosophy of Yoga and Tantra, means ‘Wheel of Light’. The main chakras are energy centers located along the spine and are responsible for capturing, accumulating and distributing energy to the whole body.

The chakras represent different aspects of the nature of the human beings. They are in charge of coding and processing physical, mental, emotional and spiritual experiences performing a fundamental role in the prevention and cure of diseases and in the improvement of the individual´s vitality.

Lily & Akshi

When a person is not successful – when they need to make a great effort to have abundance, to live an intimate relationship or to reach a goal in life – usually it is the consequence of a blockage in the chakra system which does not allow the energy to flow in a healthy way.

But when we are able to connect with our energetic body and bring awareness to the way they act in our lives, we can clean the limiting blocks, and live a healthy life together with our full potential as human beings.

Keeping the chakras activated and aligned is the secret for living a healthy life, and to be able to fully express our potential as human beings.

In this session, through different meditation and body consciousness techniques, we will experience the energy of each chakra, understanding how they work in our life, activating them and allowing the energy to flow freely.

What does Chakra Wave bring to your life?


The first chakra is related to the earth element, the physical body, the matter and our basic needs. It provides us with the foundation upon which we build our life. When this chakra is active we feel safe, rooted, stable, with courage and a sense of belonging.
The first chakra gives us support and foundation to feel safe and protected, and live all aspects of life.


The second chakra is associated with the emotional body, sensuality and creativity. The water is its element so its energy is characterized by fluidity, flexibility and sensitivity. When this chakra is healthy we allow the flow of our emotions and we become more sensitive, opening ourselves to intimacy and to live our sexuality fully and naturally.


The third chakra is the energy center of our personal power, self-esteem, self-confidence, and willpower. Related to the fire element, this chakra enables us to establish healthy boundaries and to be at peace with ourselves, as well as giving us energy to act and fulfill our dreams, while manifesting our talents in the world.


The fourth chakra is the bridge between the lower and upper chakras, and is related to unconditional love, acceptance, compassion, empathy, and generosity. Its element is the air, so when this chakra is active we become one with the universal love and move with lightness and expansion in life.


The function of the fifth chakra or throat chakra is guided by the principle of expression and communication. Expression and communication of our truth, purpose in life and creativity.
When this chakra is healthy we can communicate and express our truth in the world in a clear and real manner, and allow ourselves to be seen and heard.


The sixth chakra, also known as the third eye, is connected to our intuition, imagination and understanding. It is an instrument that leads us to the perception of subtle qualities of reality. When the energy flows through the sixth chakra we can see clearly and connect ourselves with our intuitive sensitivity and inner wisdom.


The seventh chakra or crown chakra gives us access to higher states of consciousness; it is related to the connection with the Divine, with the sense of oneness with the Whole. This chakra brings us wisdom, clarity, spiritual ecstasy, and awareness of our own essence.

Why Participate?

This seminar is designed for those who are seeking to:

  • Recognize the chakra system in their bodies and experience the energy of each chakra.
  • Learn the language of their energetic bodies, tuning in to their signals and needs.
  • Bring awareness to how these energies work in their lives and recognize the blocks that keep them from living a healthy life.
  • Learn simple meditation techniques to unlock and clean the chakras, releasing the past and paving the way for a new future.
  • Learn to harmonize their chakras to bring more physical health, mental clarity and emotional balance.
  • Open their chakras and connect with their vital energy, living life to its full potential.

When you are conscious of your energetic body and you are able to transform your energy, you can finally create the life you want to live!

What transformations will you bring to your life when you have your chakras flowing in a healthy way?

When your Root Chakra is in balance you will:

  • Feel secure about your material life - the financial aspect, work, basic needs...;
  • Having a sense of being rooted in this world, and improving your ability to deal with the practical issues of life;
  • Increase your connection to your physical body and improve your health;
  • Open yourself to the flow of natural and inexhaustible abundance of the Universe.

Root Chakra

When your Sacral Chakra is in balance you will:

  • Develop your emotional intelligence, improving your ability to deal with your emotions;
  • Opening up to relate to other people in a deeper and truer way, both in intimate relationships and in relationships with family, friends, work...;
  • Improve your ability to feel pleasure and enjoy your sexuality;
  • Open up your creativity channel so you can share your gifts with the people around you.

Sacral Chakra

When your Solar Plexus is in balance you will:

  • Connect with your healthy personal power, your self-esteem and self-confidence;
  • Align yourself with your life purpose;
  • Have energy of action and determination to achieve your goals;
  • Be able to determine and expose your limits with ease, respecting your integrity.

Solar Plexus

When your Heart Chakra is in balance you will:

  • Open your heart to give and receive love;
  • Accept yourself, other people and life circumstances as they are;
  • Connect with the feeling of gratitude and see life positively;
  • Being able to feel compassion for yourself and others.

Heart Chakra

When your Throat Chakra is in balance you will:

  • Express yourself clearly and spontaneously;
  • Improve your ability to communicate by sharing your truth;
  • Give value to your ideas and opinions and express them;
  • Share your creativity with the world in your own unique way.

Throat Chakra

When your Third Eye is in balance you will:

  • Enhance your ability to go within and connect with your inner universe;
  • Open your sixth sense and improve your intuition;
  • Improve your ability to connect with your inner wisdom and be guided by it.

Third Eye

When your Crown Chakra is in balance you will:

  • Connect with a Higher Consciousness;
  • Allow yourself to be guided by this higher Consciousness;
  • Integrate spirituality into your practical and material life.

Crown Chakra

Some love from our students

“Chakra Wave for me was a deep dive into myself, into dark and unknown caves, those dives that first take our breath away and little by little we get used to the temperature of the water, with the energy we receive from it, and suddenly we don't want to leave anymore! It is a rare opportunity to share emotions and weaknesses, to open up and rediscover ourselves. Chakra Wave was an experience that changed my way of looking at myself and at life, opening my eyes and my heart!”

Mariana Adigeo

“Chakra Wave was a wonderful experience! It woke me up and made me work for the first time on myself. I already had a very positive outlook on life, but there were still things to improve... finances, love. I feel this journey unlocked me and helped me so the end things just were happening, flowing effortlessly. I'm very happy to have done this journey, it increased my awareness... I really recommend it.”

Breda Luciana

“This journey through the chakras has helped me to look at so many emotions and find so much love within myself. I understood how to use the heart, listen with the heart, love with the heart and that made me feel so much happiness, serenity, peace, protection, spontaneity. I found in myself a femininity that I didn't want to feel. I found a girl inside me, & now I live with that girl's eyes. I listen to my heart every day and I feel my feminine energy emanating from my being.”

Elizabetta Veronesi

About the Teachers

Lily Serafim is an academic physiotherapist, holistic therapist, and yoga instructor, passionate about human beings and their ability to transform themselves.

She has lived and studied meditation, tantra, yoga and holistic methods in India and in renowned meditation centers around the world, which has led her to a profound transformation in her personal life and the way she views and lives life.

Lily sees the body as a sacred temple, the door to our inner world. And she believes it is through our inner universe that we can heal ourselves, transform our lives, discover the true purpose of our soul and co-create our reality.

Her work today is directed to supporting people, through connecting with the body and their own energy, to bring healing and transformation into their lives. And so, come closer to your true essence and live with more well-being, vitality, health and joy.

Akshi Coelho is a holistic therapist, workshop leader and DJ.

His fascination with the world of music and the human being itself led him to find a unique way of touching people’s bodies and hearts, and leading them on a journey into themselves, where music is the guide and the body the answers.

He has lived and studied meditation, Body Therapy (Ayurvedic Massage and Conscious Touch), Tantra and Energy Healing. Through his work, he provides a space of lovingness and acceptance that allows his clients to reach deep states of relaxation and presence.

He is co-founder of the One Love Institute, a project dedicated to supporting people in awakening to their true essence and potential through events, one-on-one sessions and workshops.

He is also part of the Path of Love team, an international process that touches thousands of people around the world. In this process, Akshi shares his unique gift, as a DJ, of touching people’s hearts through music and opening a portal of transformation and healing.

Meditation at Osheanic International, Brazil.

Chakra Wave group in Italy.

Tantra group in Croatia.


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