MXM ArtCenter


September 24


2pm - 7pm

Duration 5h

Body, breath, connection, flow, dance, creativity, expansion, awareness, silence, ecstasy...

This is the invitation for the Ecstantric Dance that will take place on September 24 in Porto.

This gathering is a fusion between these two magical & transformative universes
that are Tantra and Ecstatic Dance.

Let's do magic!

Tantra Flow is an invitation to connect with our life energy, allowing it to flow naturally from our sex center and be integrated and expanded into the fourth chakra, with the loving heart.

This integration of the sex center with the heart center opens us to a flow of love and abundance that transforms our lives, allowing us to live our full potential as human beings.

An experience designed for people of all ages, singles or couples, who are just starting their journey or want to dive deeper into themselves, bringing more truth, authenticity and depth to their relationships.


Ecstatic Dance is a space for connection with yourself, an active meditation where your energy is revealed through movement.

Music & rhythms originating from different cultures are interconnected, connected with the dance floor, enabling an even deeper experience of being alive in your body, at that moment, on the planet.

It's the place to be, for those who want to (re)connect, explore and find their freedom - in addition to dancing and celebrating at your own pace.



2pm Welcome + connection with the tribe
2:30pm  Opening Ritual 
3pm  Tantra Flow 
(Lily e Akshi)
4:30pm  Ecstatic Dance 
(DJ Akshi)
6:30pm  Closing


Where the magic happens...

MXM ArtCenter, Porto

About the facilitators

Lily Serafim is an academic physiotherapist, holistic therapist, and yoga instructor, passionate about human beings and their ability to transform themselves.

A natural seeker for self-knowledge, Lily on her personal journey lived and studied Meditation, Tantra, Yoga and various holistic methods in India and in renowned Meditation centers around the world, which led her to a profound transformation in her way of seeing and living life.

Lily sees the body as a sacred temple and the doorway to our inner world. And she believes that it is through our inner universe that we can heal ourselves, transform our lives, discover our soul's true purpose and co-create our reality.

She is co-founder of the One Love Institute and of several works that have already touched the hearts of hundreds of people, such as: Women Circle Mulheres da Terra,  Ser Mulher e a Arte de Relacionar-se, Autoconhecimento & Ser Mulher, Tantra Flow, Yoga Dance, among others.

Akshi Coelho is a holistic therapist, Meditation & Tantra facilitator and DJ.

His fascination with the world of music and the human being itself led him to find a unique way of touching people’s bodies and hearts, and leading them on a journey into themselves, where music is the guide and the body the answers.

For him DJing means facilitating a space for personal development where the beat of music touches every cell in the body, inviting people to immerse themselves in various dimensions of their Being. An invitation to free movement, self-expression and personal transformation through of body and dance.

He is also a co-founder of the One Love Institute, a project dedicated to supporting people in awakening to their true essence and potential through events, one-on-one sessions and workshops.

He is also part of the Path of Love team, an international process that touches thousands of people around the world. In this process, Akshi shares his unique gift, as a DJ, of touching people’s hearts through music and opening a portal of transformation and healing.

Joana Guardiã is a woman of a thousand trades!
Fairy for her friends!
She studied product design and in an exchange program trip to Rio de Janeiro, she came across with living food lifestyle, conscious and natural food, which gave rise to her project: Vi o Lógico.

Yoga was always present in her life and she recently joined the international project of Yoga in prisons.

5 years ago she discovered ecstatic dance and was completely in love with the healing potential that dance promotes in this simple and accessible format for everyone!

She has been organizing ecstatic dance retreats and has been running ecstatic dance project in Porto every month for three years. One of her dreams is to promote safe spaces for connection and a lot of magic, joining food, dance, yoga, music and sound baths, for the regeneration of health and well-being of the community.


from 2pm to 7pm

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