Floresta Encantada


June 6th 


8:45pm - 10:45pm

Duration 2h

Welcome Daughters of the Moon!
This place has been waiting for you for so long...

I’m so glad you heard the call of your heart.
You can leave your tight shoes at the entrance door, you don't need them here.
Let the Earth massage your tired feet.
Your walk has been a long one, I know...
But you knew you would find your way back to me, back to yourself, back to your sisters, back home.
Now come in, and relax...
Here you can leave your heavy armour, step on the wet earth and let me take care of you.
After all, I'm here...
I have always been,
And always will be.
For you, to you

My daughter...

Filhas da Lua is a journey for mystical women.

Women who are swallowed by the mystery of the Moon and feel the pulse of the Earth in their woman's womb.

It's a sacred circle of healing, a safe nest where you can undress your heavy armour and make room for the witch, the warrior, the priestess, the healer, the Goddess and all the hidden and forgotten facets of the woman you truly are.

It is a rescue of the wild woman who lives in the womb of each one of us - pure, naked and raw, the one who runs with the wolves, who reveres the Moon with her sacred dance and who is devoted to her own heart. 

When women sit in a circle together and connect with the wisdom of their ancestors, dancing free in the moonlight, magic happens...

We remember who we are...

Mystical women,
Daughters of the Moon,
Daughters of enchantments and mysteries,
Silence and pleasure,
Body and soul.

We are the witches of the New Age...
We sit in a Circle and dance under the glow of the Full Moon, and we find ourselves again, we reinvent ourselves, and so, we return home.

What happens at the circle Filhas da Lua?
The Circle Filhas da Lua is a precious and sacred space that combines the delicacy of the Circles of Women with the strength and magic of the Ecstatic Shakti Dance.

When women sit in a circle together, with the same purpose in their hearts, magic happens...

Thousands and thousands of years ago our ancestors already sat in a circle together, but in the course of human history, this precious custom was lost.

But in our time, a new consciousness is coming and Women's Circles are being rescued, in a new way, but still with all their magic and capacity for healing and transformation.

The Women's Circles are a space for sisterhood, where we can take off the heavy armour that so often accompanies us in our daily lives and simply be ourselves.

It's a space where we can support each other through our tears and laughter. Where we can see ourselves in each other and realize that we are not alone in this eternal journey of knowing ourselves.

Together we can find our true strength in our precious vulnerability, and this is the invitation and the magic of the Circle.


Dance has always been part of the rituals of different peoples, at different times in history...

It puts our most mystical object – the body – in full connection and alignment with the entire Cosmos.

The Ecstatic Shakti Dance is an invitation to dance with our hearts in our feet and full connection with the Moon and with the feminine that dwells in our Being.

It's a sound wave that passes through all facets of the woman we are - from the instinctive strength of our connection to the Earth, the wild woman, the witch, the warrior in us, to the delicacy and lovingness of the depth of our heart.

Ecstatic Shakti Dance is a moment to surrender to our body, to the dance, to the Moon and let the Sacred Feminine reveal itself and be celebrated in our woman's body.

Shakti Dance
A rescue of the wild woman who lives in the womb of each one of us - who runs with the wolves, who reveres the moon with her sacred dance and who is devoted to her own heart.

About the Facilitator


Lily Serafim is an academically trained physiotherapist, holistic therapist and certified a facilitator of Tantra, Women's Circles & Yoga Dance with 15 years of experience.

As a natural seeker for self-knowledge and the sacred, Lily in her personal journey delved into a journey in search of her Sacred Feminine, which led her to India and to several Meditation centres around the world and touched her life profoundly.

She was gifted with encounters with several Masters, teachers, friends and love. She has known and studied different lines of Meditation, Tantra, Yoga and holistic methods. She discovered, turned around and re-signified her internal universe - welcoming her wounded feminine and rescuing the strength of her Sacred Feminine.

And in the process, she discovered the power of Women's Circles, naturally holding the space for women to sit in a Circle and heal, supporting each other.

Lily believes in the strength and healing power of Women's Circles, as she has lived it in her personal history and has seen so many women's lives being transformed by Circles.

Therefore, today her passion is to dedicate herself to the work of healing and rescuing the Sacred Feminine, offering Circles that have already touched the lives of hundreds of women: Mulheres da Terra (online) and Filhas da Lua (in-person sessions), and individual sessions of Self-Knowledge & Being a Woman, in addition to being co-founder of One Love Institute.

June 6th

from 8:45pm to 10:45pm

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June 6th
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