Floresta Encantada


November 08th


8:45pm - 10:45pm

2h duration

Tantra Flow is an experience based on the teachings of Tantra that invites us to live our full energy and potential, saying a big yes to life and integrating all aspects of our Being: light and shadow, body and spirit, sex and supraconsciousness.

Tantra is a tradition born in India thousands of years ago and, unlike the idea that we have in the West, has little to do with sex itself, at least not in the way we usually consider it.

Tantra, in its essence, is about the expansion of consciousness, relaxation and receptivity. It is a way of looking at life, of dropping control and gently relaxing in the beauty of being. It is about love, trust, acceptance, integration and transformation.

Tantra is saying a big Yes to life. Tantra does not exclude anything, but accepts us the way we are in our totality, from the physical to the subtle layers of the body, integrating and transforming all the different parts of our Being.

Lily & Akshi

Tantra Flow is an invitation to give freedom to our vital energy allowing it to flow naturally from our sex center, and to be integrated and expanded in the fourth chakra with the love of the heart.

This integration of the sex center with the heart center gives us the chance to open to a flow of love and abundance that transforms our lives, creating the possibility of living our full potential as human beings.

This is exactly why Tantra is not only about sexuality, but also about activating and embodying our vital energy, our personal power, in short, being able to be who we really are and live the life we came to live on this planet.

And from this space of presence and vitality, we become more intimate with ourselves and a balance between the feminine and masculine energy takes place within us. In this way, a true meeting with another person can happen - a truly profound and intimate meeting which transforms, integrates and heals.

An experience designed for people of all ages, singles or couples, who are just starting their journey or want to deepen their meditation and bring more joy, truth and depth to their lives and relationships.

The 8 Pillars of Tantra Flow

Meditation is the basis of Tantra Flow.
No transformation can take place if we are not present in the here and now. Therefore, through active, passive and tantric meditations, which include breathing, body movement, free dance, conscious touch... we create a safe space of presence and love, where we can allow everything.


Tantra sees the body as our sacred temple.
In Tantra Flow events, you will learn to take care of your body, respecting, loving and nurturing it. You will also experience the body as an anchor to allow you to live in the present moment.

with the Body

Our energy is flowing through a system of chakras in our body. In Tantra Flow, you will learn about the chakras system and experience the quality and activation of every chakra, as well as the movement of the sexual energy to heart center, alone or with a partner.


Tantra deconstructs all social taboos around sexual energy, and sees it as a powerful life force that influences every aspect of our life. Therefore, Tantra Flow is an invitation to reconnect to our vitality & personal power, and embody them in our lives.

Vital Energy

Tantra Flow invites us to integrate our sexual energy with the energy of the heart - a space of unconditional love, acceptance and compassion. In Tantra Flow, we invite an activation and integration of these two forces: sexual energy and heart energy, which opens a healing space for our sexuality and various aspects of our life and relationships.

Sexual Energy &
Heart Energy

We often look for a partner through what is lacking within us. In Tantra Flow events we will experience our feminine and masculine energies, and have the opportunity to learn to recognize them, express them and balance the feminine and masculine aspects in our life, making us more complete and balanced beings.

Masculine & 
Feminine Energy

When we integrate our sexual energy with the heart space, we naturally become more sensitive, and we acquire more awareness to feel our emotions. In Tantra Flow events we offer important keys so that we can live our emotions in a more mature and conscious way, and bring more intimacy to our relationships.


We deepen our intimacy with another person as much as we can be intimate with ourselves. That's why Tantra Flow is a deep dive into ourselves, where we can get to know our body, energy, sexuality, sensuality, heart space, emotions, and become more intimate with ourselves, and in this way be able to have a true and intimate meeting with another person.


Some love from our students

“Such a beautifully workshop. I felt loved and honoured throughout. What seperates these two beautiful souls apart is that they lead you on a journey without even knowing it. From beginning to end, it was like one big meditation. As it should be, with support, guidance and respect for boundaries.”

Alexander Cottle

“Lily and Akshi form a serious, deep and truthful couple. It is an honor to be with them and receive such care in such a delicate area. I feel an immense gratitude, and I wish they keep on spreading awareness and self-knowledge more and more in this world.”

Prem Santoshi

“I have been involved in the world of tantra for over 40 years and I can honestly say Akshi and Lily led with as much skill, humility and beauty as I've encountered in all that time. A pleasure and a privilege to participate in their workshop.”

Luke Lucas

An experience based on the teachings of Tantra

Where the magic happens...

Floresta Encantada, Sintra

About the Teachers

Lily Serafim is an academic physiotherapist, holistic therapist, and yoga instructor, passionate about human beings and their ability to transform themselves.

She has lived and studied meditation, tantra, yoga and holistic methods in India and in renowned meditation centers around the world, which has led her to a profound transformation in her personal life and the way she views and lives life.

Lily sees the body as a sacred temple, the door to our inner world. And she believes it is through our inner universe that we can heal ourselves, transform our lives, discover the true purpose of our soul and co-create our reality.

Her work today is directed to supporting people, through connecting with the body and their own energy, to bring healing and transformation into their lives. And so, come closer to your true essence and live with more well-being, vitality, health and joy.

Akshi Coelho is a holistic therapist, workshop leader and DJ.

His fascination with the world of music and the human being itself led him to find a unique way of touching people’s bodies and hearts, and leading them on a journey into themselves, where music is the guide and the body the answers.

He has lived and studied meditation, Body Therapy (Ayurvedic Massage and Conscious Touch), Tantra and Energy Healing. Through his work, he provides a space of lovingness and acceptance that allows his clients to reach deep states of relaxation and presence.

He is co-founder of the One Love Institute, a project dedicated to supporting people in awakening to their true essence and potential through events, one-on-one sessions and workshops.

He is also part of the Path of Love team, an international process that touches thousands of people around the world. In this process, Akshi shares his unique gift, as a DJ, of touching people’s hearts through music and opening a portal of transformation and healing.

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from 8:45pm to 10:45pm

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