Balance for the Body
Freedom for the Soul

Everything in the universe is an eternal pulse.
The universe pulsates, every cell in our body pulses, every atom.
Life itself is a constant pulse.

Sometimes we are challenged and invited to go inside, to seek strength, determination, presence, focus, discipline.

Other times life invites us to go outside, to expand our life energy, to share our creativity with the world, to share our essence, beauty and joy with the people who touch our lives.

Like the simple act of breathing, air comes in and fills us with life, and air comes out.

Winter goes and spring comes.

And so life goes on in this eternal and creative pulse.

And it is from this principle that the practice of Yoga Dance is born.

Lily & Akshi

Yoga dance is a method that combines the vast world of yoga with the creative and expansive universe of dance and music.

Yoga, through its asanas, connects us with our inner strength, determination, focus, discipline, flexibility, balance – fundamental qualities for us to live a balanced life so that we can achieve our goals and achieve our dreams.

Dance, as a free form of expression, connects us with the freedom, joy, and beauty of our Being. Dance invites us to expand and express the unique, perfect, and sacred Being that we are. It kindly invites us to connect with our pure and divine essence and share it with the world around us.

In this way we become whole beings, rooted in our free and creative essence.

The heart of the Yoga Dance practice is music.

The beat and frequency of the music, through a musical sound wave, touches our energetic body, and guides us on a journey through the chakras and the elements of nature corresponding to each one of them: earth, water, fire, air, ether .

In this way, our energetic body can release tensions and blockages and allow the energy to move again in a healthy and natural way.

We can then reconnect with our true essence and the nature that dwells within us.

Our roots grow strong, deep and connected to the earth, as we grow strong to connect with the vast and limitless sky.

What does the practice of Yoga Dance bring to our life?


Through the asanas the practice of Yoga Dance invites us to awaken our inner strength, determination and focus. In this way we can bring these qualities into our lives, and thus co-create our dreams and the life we so long to live.


The practice of Yoga Dance invites us to bring flexibility, balance and fluidity to our body. Thus we can flow into our lives and go through the challenges that life naturally offers us with an open heart, acceptance and gratitude. The practice of Yoga Dance invites us to welcome the perfect and beautiful human being that we are. The human being who falls and rises, over and over, and who continues to learn in this incredible school that is life.


Yoga dance invites us to find within ourselves our free, joyful, spontaneous essence.
It invites us to dance our essence until our fears, insecurities, and all the limiting inner voices that paralyze us, dissolve into the beauty and wholeness of our pure and sacred essence.


By bringing more awareness to our body, our energy, our thoughts, our emotions, the practice of Yoga Dance invites us to know each other better, to see our qualities and resources as well as our challenges and weaknesses.
Self-awareness is the first step in transforming all that needs to be transformed and in bringing healing to our lives.


The practice of Yoga Dance brings more vitality to our body, invites vital energy to move healthily increasing our stamina and improving our overall state of health.


The practice of Yoga Dance invites us, through meditation, to find a space of silence and prayer within us. A space where we really connect with the Higher Wisdom that governs every atom in this universe. A space where we finally realize that we are never alone, that we are part of something much larger than our Ego can understand or imagine, and where we can trust and surrender in the arms of Existence.

Yoga Dance is a deep and extremely transformative practice in its simplicity, looking at the human being as a complete and whole Being.

Feet connected with the earth, with strong and deep roots.

Light and gentle heart that can touch the infinite sky.

Yoga Dance brings strength, focus and flexibility to the body.

Silence to the mind.

And connection with the pure and divine essence that dwells in each of us...

Come to be part of this tribe and dance the joy of being yourself!

Come practice with us!




Our Yoga Dance classes are an invitation to immerse yourself to open your body and allow yourself to be led by the vibration of musical waves, yoga and dance. Thus reconnecting with the elements of nature that inhabit you - your true and pure essence.

What our students have to say about their experience

“Yoga Dance with Lily & Akshi is no ordinary yoga class. It stands apart from regular classes in that it's a journey within. From the start I felt I'd entered a temple space and with Lily's grace and Akshi's touching music, I could access the deeper parts of myself that want to be expressed through movement. There was an exquisite feel throughout - a depth to this that reconnected me to my dancer temple self. I felt so elevated by the experience!

Bayari Lou Beegan

Yoga Dance classes are like therapy for the soul, a deep dive into myself! From the first class I felt at home, a moment lived and shared with those who really love what they do, thanks Lily & Akshi for spreading this magic."

Marisa Fernandez


“I took a Yoga Dance class with Lily & Akshi for the first time online during the quarantine. An experience that is difficult to put into words! I already meditate, I already practice Yoga, but this class was different. The music, the free movement, the constant, smooth, harmonious guidance, gift from Lily & Akshi, makes all the difference. It was an hour of total connection with myself, with the earth, with my body and my emotions, with my gifts, my bodily sensations, my fears and my ability to embrace my heart. We all deserve to participate in a Yoga Dance class. It's healing!

Flor Lorenzini

About the facilitators

Lily Serafim is an academic physiotherapist, holistic therapist, and yoga instructor, passionate about human beings and their ability to transform themselves.

In her professional path, in her dealings with her clients and students, and her hunger for new tools that could bring healing, vitality and well-being to her clients and herself, she has entered the world of holistic therapies and yoga.

She has lived and studied meditation, yoga and holistic methods in India and in renowned meditation centers around the world, which has led her to a profound transformation in her personal life and the way she views and lives life.

Lily sees the body as a sacred temple, the door to our inner world. And she believes it is through our inner universe that we can heal ourselves, transform our lives, discover the true purpose of our soul and co-create our reality.

Her work today is directed to supporting people, through connecting with the body and their own energy, to bring healing and transformation into their lives. And so, come closer to your true essence and live with more well-being, vitality, health and joy.

Akshi Coelho is a holistic therapist, public speaker and DJ.

His fascination with the world of music and the human being itself led him to find a unique way of touching people’s bodies and hearts, and leading them on a journey into themselves, where music is the guide and the body the answers.

Akshi was born in France, from Portuguese parents, traveled all over the world and spent a lot of time in Europe, Africa and Brazil, which resulted in a huge diversification in his musical influences, ranging from hip hop, funk, reggae, house, drum’n ‘bass, dub, psychedelic, samba to shamanic and devotional songs.

For him DJing means facilitating a space for personal development where the beat of music touches every cell in the body, inviting people to immerse themselves in various dimensions of their Being. An invitation to free movement, self-expression and personal transformation through of body and dance.

He is also a co-founder of the One Love Institute, a project dedicated to supporting people in awakening to their true essence and potential through events, one-on-one sessions and workshops.

He is also part of the Path of Love team, an international process that touches thousands of people around the world. In this process, Akshi shares his unique gift, as a DJ, of touching people’s hearts through music and opening a portal of transformation and healing.

Akshi and Lily leading a meditation at the Osheanic International meditation center, Brazil.

Akshi and Lily with a group of students in Italy.

Akshi and Lily with a group of students in Croatia.


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